What I Mean by Spiritual Awakening

The concept of spirituality didn’t resonate with me, at first, when I came across it. By default, I associated it with religions and I didn’t recognize myself (as an atheist) in this concept.

I first learned about Christianity in elementary school. My atheist parents didn’t think it was necessary to address this topic with me before I was introduced to it in school. My initial encounter with this subject has been, to say the least, a traumatic experience. Here is how it happened:

The teacher asked us to sit down on the ground in the classroom, so I thought that she was going to tell us a story. Then, she started to talk about God and Jesus and I eventually realized that this wasn’t just a story. It was very obvious to me that there was a brainwashing agenda in that story. Filled with concepts that resonated as lies and that I couldn’t adhere to. When I looked around at my classmates, I realized that I was the only one who was offended by what was said (which traumatized me even more).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the overall message in religions is all wrong. All I am saying is that concepts of fear, victim-savior programming, and men superior to women will never be my truth.

By chance, in my last year in high school, our teacher had to be replaced unexpectedly (due to health issues) by someone new. My classmates and I were initially worried before to meet our new teacher (Daniel) because he wrote religious education school books. We were; therefore, expecting the worse. He turned out to be one of the most remarkable teachers I ever had.

During his first class with us, he told us that he didn’t believe that Jesus performed miracles. Jesus, to him, was a visionary who tried to change the way people were thinking. Jesus’ message was a message about love, compassion, and tolerance and that God wasn’t there to punish them, in essence, they were masters of their destiny.

Daniel also taught us about symbolism and its subliminal use in advertising and music videos (as an example, he pointed out several of Madonna’s videos which employ a wide variety of symbols). Also, he made us watch and study the movie “The Wall” by Pink Floyd¹. If you haven’t watched it yet, I would strongly recommend that you do. The song, the music video and the movie are presenting very clearly the programming of the masses through the education system to create docile members of society that don’t question the status quo and play a character that isn’t in line with their true self.

All in all you’re just another brick in the wall. – Pink Floyd

Spiritual awakening is, therefore, not about religion. The awakening is all about realizing that the masses has been controlled through various systems/institutions (religions, finance, governments, monarchy, corporations, etc.) that were put in place to feed an elite and divide us. It is also about seeing the lies and freeing ourselves from this matrix to build something new.  Spirituality is all about rediscovering our true nature (an extension of Source, creators of our reality, powerful beings) and reconciling ourselves with our true self.

If you are not awake yet, there are various resources that can trigger² your awakening. Please note that once you are awake, there is no going back.

Resources and references

¹ The Wall (music video) by Pink Floyd

² Aluna Ash’s light activation codes: Etheric Body Activation

Elke Neher’s activation music: Ascension Activation

I AM MANIFEST Light Club light language activation: Kundalini Awakening


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