Sacred Geometry & Numbers 101

artwork created by Krystle Mary Smith known as Krystleyez

Sacred geometry is the visual language of the universe in which numbers, frequencies, colors, sounds, and forms are encoded in a set of patterns/symbols. It represents the blueprint/code from which all creation is derived from and it is a window into the unity of the physical world and spirituality.

“Geometry existed before the creation.”

“No state can find happiness unless the artist drawing it uses a divine pattern.”


To better understand the real nature of sacred geometry, it is essential to expand our view of shapes and numbers. They should be not viewed as separate, but as one and the same. They do not exist just outside of us, they are also found within.

In this post, I will provide you with the meaning of each number and its geometric form. I will explore more complex patterns of sacred geometry in a separate post.

Before to begin, I strongly recommend that you visit Krystleyez after reading the meaning of the numbers and their geometric forms. Krystle is an artist who uses sacred geometry in her artwork. Looking at her artwork personally helped me to integrate the meaning of sacred geometry and see how everything is interconnected. I will include another link to her website and her Instagram account at the end of this post.

# 0 – The Zero Point, The Void

Every shape or form has a center. This center is a point that is often called the zero point or the void (the Ancient Egyptians called it the abyss in their creation myths). It is the stillness at the center, a point out of space and out of time, infinitely small or big at the same time. From the perspective of time, the void represents the now moment.

The zero point serves as the anchor where all creation begins. It is pure potential energy (the unmanifest) where nothing individual exists. The act of creation starts by focusing energy onto to a point and its manifestation will take form outside and around the void. Departing from the void creates the illusion of separation.

The point is also where two forms or lines intersect one another, where they both merge and become one. Any point represents a reference within the larger whole.

The zero point is the empty spot at the center

# 1 – The Circle

The number 1 is symbolized by the circle, which is the shape from which all other shapes and numbers are derived from. In essence, the source and the building block of everything.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321

From the perspective of color and light, white represents the number 1. White light is not a single color, it is the combination of all the colors in the spectrum (the 7 colors of the rainbow). The following chart gives you the general ideas how all colors, light, and frequencies are derived from the same source, white light.

“The Universe has only one substance and one supreme energy with an infinite number of manifestations of life.”

Nikola Tesla

The circle represents the eternal unity and oneness of all things. The pure flow of energy and the endless cycles that perpetually repeat themselves. It is also the womb of spirit, the infinite, the immutable truth, and the essence of the divine feminine.

The Ouroboros (the serpent eating its tail) symbolizes the circle and the repeating cycles of life.

# 2 – The Vesica Piscis

The number 2 represents polarity and separation. It is symbolized by a line or by two circles connected at their centers (called a Vesica Piscis). Essentially, it is the mirror of consciousness and expansion that is at the heart of all creation (the divine reversal effect). They embody the paradox of opposite poles that remember their source and attract each other in an attempt to merge and return to a state of unity. They also symbolize the need to balance duality within and without.

When depicted as a line, it creates both the illusion of division and the invisible bound between two opposites.

The overlapping section of the Vesica Piscis (the almond-like shape) illustrates that when two opposite forces unify or merge, their energy is greater than the sum of their individual parts. In other words, it creates pure synergy. Inside, it contains all the necessary proportions/elements to create the rest of the numbers and shapes. That is why it is also considered as the cosmic womb and birth channel.

The number two and duality have been symbolized in various myths and symbols. You can recognize this universal symbol in stories of twins, the fish, the all seeing eye, the yin-yang symbol, and the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple (Boaz and Jachin which represents the pillars of the sun and the moon – two opposites). You can find examples of these two pillars in architecture and the tarot deck (the High Priestess card).

# 3 – The Triangle

A triangle symbolizes the number 3. It represents the perfect balancing of two opposite elements by a third mediating element, the trinity of the body/mind/spirit. In other words, it is the integration of polarity which reveals a new creation. It represents balance, stability, and strength.

In 3D, the triangle is depicted as a tetrahedron (a 3 sided pyramid with a triangular base). Plato associated the tetrahedron to the element of fire. The fire element can be interpreted as the divine fire (light). It gives the power of change via creation, but it must be handled with the utmost care. This principle is codified in Wicca as the Rule of Three (or the Law of Return) that states that when a person uses energy to create, be it positive or negative, it will return to that person three times. In other words, creation creates karma, which can be either positive or negative.

Examples of triads are many, past-present-future, beginning-middle-ending, father-son-holy spirit, etc. One symbol that caught my attention is the Celtic Triquetra, which represents the balance amongst core influences found in Life, Nature, and the Cosmos. It can be created by adding a third circle to the Vesica Piscis.

# 4 – The Square

The number 4 is represented by a square. It symbolizes the physical world that is perceived as solid, permanent and stable; the illusion of space.

Plato associated the element of earth with a cube, which creates the 3-dimensionality of space and the Cosmic Cube Matrix. It is the number of order and natural cycles, containing the building blocks of all physical matter :

  • 4 elements (fire, earth, air, and water)
  • 4 directions (north, south, east, and west)
  • 4 states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma)
  • 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter)
  • 4 phases of the moon (new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon)

Combining matter with patterns creates natural forms.

Another symbol derived from the number 4 is the cross. It represents the 4 pillars of ancient societies (the double duality represented by the King, Queen, High Priest, and High Priestess). It also represents the journey of the soul through the quadrants of existence, the middle representing the zero point, the seat of the soul. The Sacred Cross of Creation has a vertical axis (the pillar of light) and a horizontal axis (the rainbow bridge pathway). The pillar of light symbolizes up-down, above-below, cosmos-Earth, and higher-lower dimensions. The rainbow bridge pathway represents forward-backward and future-past. It is the bridge that connects worlds to worlds and spirals to spirals.

# 5 – The Pentagon and The Pentagram

Both the pentagon and the pentagram are shapes symbolizing the number 5. It symbolizes freedom, life itself, and love. It is often associated with the concept of the Perfect Divine Human Being.

The number 5 is the hidden key to life, it is called ether (also known as aether or quintessence). Ether is the mysterious substance that infuses life into the other 4 elements, it is the essence of spirit, it is consciousness. In other words, it is the element that binds spirit with matter to capture life and light into physical form.

Ether fills all spaces, it moves in a circular motion compared to fixed elements that move linearly. Spirit does not follow any particular rule of energy, it creates the rules. For this reason, the number 5 is often referred to as the sacred marriage/union of heaven and earth and the triumph of the mind over matter.

A five-pointed star often symbolizes number 5. The human body has 5 basic senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) and 5 extremities (2 arms, 2 legs plus the head that controls them).

# 6 – The Hexagon and The Merkaba

Both the hexagon and the Merkaba symbolize the number 6. It is the first perfect number, meaning that 6 is both the sum and product of its factors:

1 + 2 + 3 = 6          1 X 2 X 3 = 6

It represents the organic balance and the perfect symmetry between the polarity elements of creation. It brings inner peace at the center by reaching a balance between the material/outer and spiritual/inner aspects of life and harmony between the mind and the heart. 

The number 6 is the symbol of the Law of Correspondence, i.e. as above so below. In other words, it is the equilibrium between the microcosm and the macrocosm which mirror each other. It also represents the concept of fractals which are repetitive patterns that can be scaled to any size.

In the Merkaba, the descending tetrahedron represents Spirit or the divine feminine principle, while the ascending tetrahedron represents matter and the divine masculine principle. It symbolizes the embodiment of the Divine (your light body, your soul) into the organic form. In this state, creation naturally occurs and it becomes easier to connect with higher frequency beings and Source.   

# 7 – The Heptagon

The heptagon symbolizes the number 7. It is considered as a mystical and holy number because it is the only number in the decade (1 – 10) that cannot divide a circle without a remainder :

360 / 7  = 51.428571

The number 7 represents purity, wisdom, unconditional love, and Spirit. It is also associated with the rhythm of life, i.e. it embodies the idea of a complete cycle of manifestation due to its qualities of perfect unity (3 – trinity) and materiality (4 – quaternary). It expresses the idea of the rule of spirit over form and symbolizes the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

When considered as a set of 6 and 1, the number 7 (the Spirit of all) is found at the invisible center, because there exists no heptagonal shape in the “so-called” inanimate nature (i.e. crystals and snowflakes). It is, therefore, associated with the hidden center within the hexagon/Merkaba. It does not touch any of the six corners, as it belongs to another space and another reality. For this reason, this center (zero point) is considered as the seat of mystical power.

The number 7 is also representative of perfect order :

The menorah – the seven-lamp
  • 7 days per week
  • 7 days of creation (seed of life)
  • 7 notes in the musical scale
  • 7 years for every cell in the body to be replaced
  • 7 visible colors of light (rainbow)
  • 7 main chakras (energy centers) of the body
  • 7 glands of the endocrine system

As an interesting note, the constellation of the Pleiades, associated with the myth of the seven daughters of Atlas in Greek mythology, consists of 7 stars (six of which are visible and one invisible).

# 8 – The Octagon

The number 8 is represented by the octagon. The number 8 symbolizes empowerment, magic, stability, and the infinite.

The number 8 is the meeting ground of physical reality and the infinite. The empowerment achieved through the innate harmonic resonance and connection with the galactic grid. It is love made visible, when thoughts and ideas become physical realities. The number 8 is free from its self-centered ego, it represents the path to the one heart. 

When considered as the set of 7 and 1, the number 8 symbolizes the beginning of a higher cycle, called a perfect octave in music. From this perspective, the number 8 is the sum of spirituality and oneness. It creates transformation and resurrection through deep connection, i.e. the connection to the All. Due to its infinite nature, it represents infinite creation, infinite consciousness, and infinite soul evolution.

The number 8 also embodies the Law of Cause and Effect and karma, representing the balancing effect that will result if an event or action break the balance. As such, it symbolizes infinite movement in stability. Often, the number 8 is associated with Justice due to its association with karma. Justice symbolizes a higher neutral force, which does not favor any of two equal parts that make up the image.

Symbols for the number 8 are the infinity sign, the Ogdoad (from Ancient Egyptians and Gnosticism), and the phoenix.

# 9 – The Nonagon

The nonagon represents the number 9. The number 9 symbolizes completion, mastery, expansion, and compassion (return to oneness). It seats in the whole cycle of life (which contains all the numbers from 1 to 9) in the form of a circle :

360 = 3 + 6 + 0 = 9

The Enneagram

The number 9 is the synthesis of 3 worlds. In other words, the triple trinity composed of Source, the universe, and the human being. The number 9 is also the end; therefore, it is the ultimate return to unity and the opening to greater cycles. This cycle is representative of the 9 months of the gestation period.

The number 9 is also a symbol of truth due to its property that, multiplied, it reproduces itself. 

9 X 2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9                     9 X 3 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9 

The Chinese dragon is strongly associated with the number 9. It is a symbol of prosperity, abundance, longevity, regeneration, wisdom, magical power, and high achievement. The dragon, together with the phoenix, symbolizes perfect balance.  Their union represents eternal love and enlightenment.

There exist other significant numbers such as 11, 12, 13, 22 and 33, but I will address the meaning of these numbers as they come up in separate posts.

Resources and references

¹ Website:

Krystleyez’ website and intagram account

² Video :


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  1. I would truly like to find something in the way of discussion about guidance related to sacred geometry as in relation to morals, values, ethics, justice, and so forth. I’ve yet to find anything but anyone knows of some links I’d appreciate them – especially discussing what I’ve mentioned in relation to a higher god or being, or even in regards to anything to hang your hat on faith. It’s very intriguing but all l I seem to find is that sacred geometry implies a solo journey of whatever with an admittedly difficult concept to find some truths about existence. I’ve seen many of the videos and images and the mathematical concepts even seeing some amazing things demonstrated but I remain in search of some connection with as I’ve mentioned guidance or even insight as to how as mortals we can use it to improve our lives. Without that it seems to come down to doing your own thing which could be loving or killing your neighbor. What would stop one from making it all a selfish pursuit of understanding for self-benefit – or to use it to promote some gimmick means to an end to enrich or promote self and/or a product? I’m welcome to anyone who has some counter thought on this but I’ve also had a problem finding sites with commentary!


    1. Hi Steve,
      Sacred geometry is a divine template, the structure our universe (concepts put into form). There is no association to morals, values, etc. in terms of sacred geometry unless you make your own associations since sacred geometry is neutral (it is knowledge only).
      If you are looking for more explanations on the laws of the universe and morals, values, etc. I would suggest you to read the Kybalion and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. But you can also read and research the teachings of great masters as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc. If you look beyond the separation, they all brought the same message of compassion and unconditional love. You can even compare with the Mayans, the Ancient Egyptians, and many other older civilizations and you will realize that they all talk about the same concepts.
      If you are looking for proof, you will probably find none. There is a part of faith in this journey. The ascension is individual, because no one can do the work for you. Your challenges will probably not be the same as what others experienced or have experienced. You can listen to what they have to say, that might still be useful, but ultimately you will have to face your shadow on your own.
      The Lucifierian agenda is knowledge without heart, the message from the masters is knowledge + unconditional love = wisdom. Which one of these two makes more sense to you? Violence only brings more violence, manipulation brings harm and pain on another individual (another circle). On which world would you prefer to live, heaven is not in the sky, it is here, we just have to create it (first individually), but then when you are healed and free from your shadow, as a collective.


      1. I love this answer!! Looks to align with the Law of One message from the LL Research team. Thanks for sharing!!


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