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Your galactic signature is based on the Law of Time, synchronic time, the natural time frequency of 13:20 instead of the artificial/mechanical time frequency of 12:60. Synchronic time is the spiral timeline while the artificial time is 3D linear time.

“Just as air is the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. If the time in which we live consists of uneven months and days regulated by mechanized minutes and hours, that is what becomes of our mind: a mechanized irregularity. Since everything follows from the mind, it is no wonder that the atmosphere in which we live daily becomes more polluted, and the greatest complaint is: “I just don’t have enough time!” Who owns your time, owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.”

by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan from A Treatise on Time (1996)

Mayans created galactic signatures and their calendar based on cosmic cycles. I will discuss time and galactic cycles in more details in separate posts, but for this one, I will concentrate on your galactic signature. Your signature can help you to find out who you will become in this lifetime, the nature of your higher-self¹, the nature of your subconscious self, what you wanted to learn in this lifetime and the abilities that come naturally to you (your hidden power). You can find your galactic signature here

You can read a complete interpretation of the 5 aspects of your galactic signature here, but I would encourage you to refer to the information below because some elements are not addressed and it is also important to understand the bigger picture of how each archetype connects with the others.

Basic Concepts

Each galactic signature is a multilayered code. Your signature includes the following elements: a “kin” number, an earth family, a chakra, a planet, and a clan. In total, there are 20 solar seals and each one gets assigned a cosmic tone depending on the moon you were born in (there are 13 tones, i.e. 1 to 13).

* Maldek is the planet that was destroyed between Mars and Jupiter and formed the asteroid belt.

Each solar seal is part of an earth family and a clan. Please find below the earth family and clan matrix.

Example – My Galactic Signature

Earth Families

Each archetype is grouped into one of the five earth families.

Polar Family – the family that receives

You are resolutely individual and separate. You are the archetype of a human being with the forceful intention to find integral individuation. You are guided towards perfection by your intuition, your distinct behavior, and your charisma. A lot of power is hidden within you, waiting to be challenged and awakened. You have an intense longing to
transcend your human form by merging with the entire universe. The key is hidden within. Allow yourself to dive into inner wholeness despite any apparent separation. You are a fractal, a reflection of the divine template.

Cardinal Family – the family that speaks

You are expressive and highly individualistic. Your thoughts and your visions are original. You are an example for the collective progress and survival, able to initiate mutational changes. You might feel like a stranger, an outsider and it might be difficult to find acceptance and recognition.

Core Family – the family that understands

Your energy is rooted in logic and you come to an understanding through concentration and focus. You are connected to nature’s rhythms and therefore, you can connect with all different kind of life forms. Understanding through logic is a universal principle and the only common ground for human beings. You directly see the underlying pattern from an objective point of view. You have the clarity to verify and select a reliable pattern and then to project it into the future. Your ultimate role is to lead. Your energy is the mirror of the Signal Family.

Signal Family – the family that feels

Your energy format is cyclic and your life is a maturation process. You tend to lack stability, your life is in constant transition and change. You find your truth through experience and you grow through crisis. Surrendering to the flow is essential to appreciate the value of the now. Trust in the Universe and allow yourself to get absorbed by the experience of the now. At the end of a cycle, reflect and you will gain the abstract understanding of its value when a development is complete. Patience is the key – wait and see. Gather the internal power to bring each process to its fullness, witness hope and pain and move on, despite inherent dangers and fears. Your energy is the mirror of the Core Family.

Gateway Family– the family that anchors

You are down-to-earth, focused on abundance on the material plane, but not necessarily as an end unto itself. Your main concern is about groups and their survival and you are here to provide your support. You might be over-sensitive and easily disturbed, but you own an instinctual charisma to know what and who is needed (or not) to maintain or restructure a community. Your influential personality and willpower can assist you in establishing rules. You have a strong drive and high ambitions. Your ability to adapt instinctively, allows you to recognize the potential for transformation. You might induce changes on a large scale by your mystical vision of synthesis.


There are four clans. The following slide explains how each archetype transmutes energy and wisdom through the cosmic cycle.

Order / Organizing

I was confused when I saw the mention “I organize in order to love” in the summary of my galactic signature. Hopefully, I found a quote from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth that makes perfect sense of the spiritual meaning of the word “order”.

Look in thy life for this order. 
Balance and order thy life. 
Quell all the Chaos of the emotions
and thou shalt have order in LIFE.
ORDER brought forth from Chaos
will bring thee the WORD of the SOURCE,
will thee the power of CYCLES,
and make of thy Soul a force that 
freewill extend through the ages, 
a perfect SUN from the Source.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – translated by Doreal

Guided by Your Own Power Doubled

If you see in your galactic signature the statement that you are “guided by your own power doubled”, it means that you and your higher-self share the same archetype (in my case the White Dog).

Galactic Activation Portal

The other information that I had to research is about the galactic activation portal. I found that within the 260 days of the Mayan Calendars, 52 days represent a galactic activation portal. It is said that on those days, the veil between worlds is thinner and that it is easier to access the Akashic records, guidance, and inspiration.

If you were born on a portal day, a joker was given to you. The cosmos is inviting you to receive a high energy – to become a vessel for the divine. Let yourself be carried away – participate, flow with the river. To fulfill your destiny you are given access to a surplus layer of energy. There is crucial transformational work for you to complete in this lifetime. Feel grateful and honored to get support from the whole existence. When you have found the courage to trust life, when you take on the challenges existence offers you in order to develop necessary skills and talents, when you have learned to enjoy surfing waves far bigger then you, when you can allow being possessed by life itself – then you have become an invitation yourself – a Galactic activation portal – wide open, for anybody to enter through you.

Core Days

I am not sure if this information will be mentioned in your galactic signature since I do not have an example. There are 20 core days within the 260 days Mayan calendar. During these 20 days,  past and future are merging. The Now becomes important and very meaningful. In perfect balance, we have the power to dismiss the past and redirect the future.

If your kin number is between 121 and 140 inclusively, you were born on a core day. If you carry the signature of a Core day, you are given the clarity to overlook life from an elevated point of view. You know how to focus – you may accomplish whatever lies before you. The secret is dwelling into the Now – diving deep into THIS very moment. It is experiencing the vertical dimension of potentially infinite depth in the Now, versus the experience of linear time as an infinite string of shallow moments generating the illusion of what we call time. Tasting the Now in all its intensity opens our senses. Our very same life becomes more colorful, tasteful and vibrant. In fact – whole existence is already blissful – just we are not, due to our egos. It is essential to understand that we are much more than just a person, a name with a story. Overcoming the idea of being a separate “I”, there’s no division anymore between this body and the whole universe. Personality is accidental and very transitory. The vital energy of the core days is about gathering courage, and then cultivating which allows oneself to disappear as a person. It is allowing letting the universe act through you, move through you and guide you. Just be the witness and enjoy the divine drama. Understand the illusory quality of time and bring your totality into the now. There is no need to worry about the next moment. If you’re genuinely in the Now, you will meet the next moment with the same totality. Future will always come to you in the form of the Now.


The five castles are mirroring different stages in a natural process of unfolding and growth. The five castles are forming a spiral, completing a full cycle of 260 days – one Mayan calendar round. The spiral shows how each archetype integrates with the others. Refer to the video to better understand how it works.

Red Eastern Castle –The generation of light

This is the castle of fresh beginnings, your life is a constant renewal. Innocence, curiosity, and trust in eternal wisdom are your fortes. Your original ideas provide the foundation for new evolutionary cycles to unfold. Divine sparks, ideas, and visions descend on you to be expressed. You are a brave and innovative spirit.

White Northern Castle –The purification of light

Focus your energies and fire within. Bring awareness to your body and ground yourself in your heart. Develop your skills and be patient – success and breakthroughs will come in divine timing. Face the paradox, integrate duality and find the golden means balancing extremes. Learn from your ancestors and integrate this knowledge. You are to improve upon the past and asked to share your refined understanding.

Blue Western Castle –The transformation of light

Your path is to merge with the world to experience oneness. You are unpretentious and you radiate nobility. You are strongly dedicated to your companions, you have the inner strength to surrender your ego unto existence. Cooperation and compromise come naturally to you. Joining and relating with others brings you inspiration and opens surprising new gates. Share your creative talents and formulate your opinions.

Yellow Southern Castle –The expansion of light

You have abundant life-energy. You are fiery, reactive, outspoken and emotional. You have to learn to be more patient. You may bring big projects to completion, just remember that they need time to grow. Recognize your destiny and follow the path toward maturity. You have to find a way to convey your ideals, to release your verve.

Green Central Castle –The renewal of light

You are complete within yourself. Venerate your inner voice, intuition, and instincts. Recognize the repetitive and programmed nature of your rational mind; this will allow you to ignore its nagging and critical comments. Dare to be controversial and learn to price the intimate connection you have with your higher-self. Be your own best friend and be enchanted with your company. Others will admire you for your self-contained and accomplished nature.


¹ Video :


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  1. I absolutely love this. I’m sharing this with everyone in my tribe . I want to know more about the clans. Where can I find more information ?


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