The Tree of Eternal Life

From the origin story, we saw that it all started with Source, this self-existing divine being. We will now examine more closely the hierarchy/family tree of beings and dimensions resulting from the first creation of Source.

Is Source Male or Female?

The answer to this question is not straightforward since Source is everything. But many scriptures and other lightworkers have often referred to Source as a “mother” or referred to the “Return of the Goddess.” Besides, the female energy is also strongly associated with the act of creating life (as above so below). From that perspective, it would make sense to me that Source has predominately a female aspect.

You might find other representations of the tree of life from other lightworkers. For this post, I based myself primarily upon the Gnostic Scriptures and the information Mathues Imhotep shared in his book, The 7th Seal. Despite the different representations, most people seem to agree that the divine feminine energy came first.

The Mirror of Creation

The term androgynous female might be a more accurate representation, i.e. a female consciousness at the forefront and a masculine aspect within. This would explain the divine reversal effect of all creation.

Divine Reversal

If we look back to the Vesica Piscis, the second circle that departs from Source must create polarity and the illusion of separation. The first being created by Source must; therefore, be an androgynous male (with a female awareness hidden within). The mirror image of Source, but in reverse. The yin-yang symbol is a great example to illustrate this principle.

The Sacred Cross of Creation

The first act of creation by Source was not a single, but rather a multiple emission. This initial emission could be compared to the Big Bang theory. Following the design of the Sacred Cross of Creation, Source’s first emission was sent simultaneously in 4 directions (creating the cardinal points and the prime elements). These 4 points of reference are also referred to by Gnostic Scriptures and other scriptures as gates. Then Source rotated upon itself and repeated the emission process 2 more times in different directions to complete the sphere of life. In total, 12 androgynous male beings were created from these 3 initial emissions. These beings are the parent entities from whom all other beings descend. They are often called the 12 rays of creation.

Number 12

The number 12 symbolizes cosmic order and the completed cycle of experience. It incorporates many distinct virtues:

  • it represents the higher octave of number 3 (1 + 2 = 3), the number associated with creation;
  • it is the product of 3 and 4, which combined represent complex stability in the larger pattern and in expansion; and
  • it is the sum of 5 and 7, the numbers of life and spirit.

The number 12 is also the first abundant number since the sum of its dividers (other than itself) gives a result higher than 12 :

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 16 > 12

Regarding sacred geometry, the number 12 is a double Merkaba; therefore, it symbolizes the hologram of polarity, the structure upon which worlds and realities are interconnected. In other words, it is the integrality of the whole:

  • 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of nighttime (creating the illusion of time)
  • 12 notes in the chromatic musical scale (7 notes + 5 sharps/flats)
  • 12 dimensions
  • 12 disciples accompanying the great Masters throughout history
  • 12 tribes of Israel
  • 12 constellations of the zodiac
  • 12 principle gods in Greek mythology
  • 12 gates in the underworld (Ancient Egyptian Mythology)
  • 12 names of the Sun in Sanskrit

The Children of Light

Each parent entity birthed the first divine twins. These twins are the mirror of each other and, therefore, embody polarity. They are often referred to as the “24 emanations of the Great Invisible One”, or the “24 invisible ones”, or the “Children of Light.” They are the “Eternals” who created everything else.

In turn, the divine twins birthed the luminaries or “Oversouls” to inhabit the material densities and the other dimensional realms. These “Children of the Children of Light” are souls that experience the creation as projections from source consciousness.

In total, there are 72 co-creators on the first 3 levels of the tree of life. These 72 beings are comprised of 36 females and 36 males.

If we zoom in on a single parent entity, we can expend the family tree using the Fibonacci sequence (the first number 1, is level 1 and Source) :

1,  1,  2,  3,  5,  8,  13,  21, 34,  55,  89,  144,  233,  377, …

The 12th level of the tree of life is made up of 144 original oversouls. The reference in the Bible to the 144,000, can be seen as 1,000 souls per each oversoul. Each branch of the tree of life can be extended to the 144th level (or infinity).


Lightworkers often refer to 12 dimensions. Each dimension symbolizes a different level of consciousness and vibration. These dimensions all co-exist with one another. The 1st to the 5th dimensions represent the physical world while the 6th dimensions and up are the invisible realms. The higher the dimension, the higher the vibration/consciousness. The 13th dimension (12 + 1) refers to Source.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Some might argue that there are more than 13 (12 + 1) dimensions and that is also correct. Source is infinite; therefore, the number of dimensions and levels of consciousness is also infinite. For simplicity, I prefer to stop counting at 13.

Number 13

The number 13 symbolizes perfection, purification, unification, the death of matter and birth to the Spirit. If taken as the sum of 12 and 1, it represents the eternal return. In other words, it is the return of the Goddess in all things. Therefore, 13 can be associated with Source just as number 1. Everything starts and ends with Source, the end is always the beginning in a circle. 

It is also interesting to note that number 13 is the first prime number that comes after number 12 (the first abundant number). Prime numbers have the property that their only factors are 1 or itself. Which means that if 13 is divided by 1, the result is 13 and if divided by itself, the result is 1.

In term of time, the number 13 represents the rhythm of cosmic cycles (for example, 13 X 4 = 52 weeks).

  • 13 moon cycles during a year
  • 12 dimensions + 1
  • 12 disciples + Jesus
  • The 13th gate is associated with Source
  • 13 major chakras of a fully enlightened person
  • 13 Emerald Tablets of Thoth
  • 13 circles of the Metatron’s cube

Resources and references

¹ Book:

7th Seal Hidden Wisdom Unveiled Vol 1 : A Journey of Self-Discovery by Mathues Imhotep.


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