Sacred Geometry 201

“Heart of the Mirror” by Krystleyez

In my previous post about Sacred Geometry & Numbers 101, I explained the meaning of basic shapes and numbers. Now, I will explore various patterns and symbols that form sacred geometry.

In sacred geometry, everything starts with a circle seating at the center (at the void or the zero point). The first step of creation is to create a second circle that departs from the center to form a Vesica Piscis. These two circles are connected at their center and illustrate separation and the mirror of consciousness. By repeating this process 5 more times in a vortex motion, we obtain a pattern called the Seed of life.

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is composed of 7 identical circles, 1 circle at the center and 6 circles around it. All circles that create the pattern of the Seed of Life fit together perfectly in their center. This placement/alignment symbolizes the perfect order of the universe. As we will expand the pattern of the Seed of Life to create the Flower of Life, you will see that this perfect order will continue.

These 7 circles are the core of creation. Together, they embody our 7 main chakras, the 7 notes in the musical scale, the rhythm of life (7 days per week), and the 7 visible colors of the rainbow. It is interesting to note that, even though one single circle is associated with white light, when apparent separation occurs the full spectrum of visible light becomes visible. Despite the apparent separation, white light can be found at the heart of the inner circle where all rays merge as one. These 7 colors are often referred to as the 7 rays of creation. Just as a seed, this symbol contains all the information and elements necessary for creation.

The Seed of Life is also associated with the 7 days of creation because the number 7 symbolizes a complete cycle of manifestation. From the pattern of the Seed of Life, we can draw the number 8 / the infinity sign. It depicts the infinite nature and potential of Spirit/creation. Also, the Seed of Life can be used to draw the yin-yang symbol to illustrate polarity and how each polarity balances the whole in perfect equilibrium.

When we connect the intersection points around the inner circle, we can draw a Merkaba. It illustrates the connection between Spirit and form.

Interestingly, I discovered while playing with special effects in my drawing software that the overlay of 3 circles at the intersection point also creates a tiny Merkaba.

You should keep in mind that the symbol of the Seed of Life is a 2D representation of the whole, to better understand the full extent of this symbol, you should visualize each circle as a sphere which is multidimensional. To help you visualize it, I have included a painting created by Krystleyez which shows clearly the Seed of Life in 3D.

“Alchemical Garden of Eden” by Krystleyez

The Egg of Life

After the Seed of Life comes the Egg of Life. To obtain the Egg of Life, we must add 6 more circles around the Seed of Life. The Egg of Life is made up of 8 spheres interconnected together forming the image of a cube.

8-Cell Embryo

The Egg of Life can be compared to the 3rd cell division of the human embryo (1 cell divides into 2, then 2 divides into 4, and 4 divides into 8). At this point, all 8 cells are undifferentiated. It is interesting to compare this stage to the Tree of Eternal Life according to Gnostic Scriptures. The 2nd level of the tree consists of 12 parent entities around Source at the center. These entities are all androgynous males and differentiation occurs after this stage. These 12 parent entities can, therefore, be regarded as the Egg of Life (12 circles around 1 are necessary to create the Egg of Life).

Also, since the number 8 represents an octave, the Egg of Life symbolizes a higher cycle of creation. All 12 circles around the inner circle form the basis for music as the distances between the spheres are identical to the distances between tones and the halftones in the musical scale.

In the following painting by Krystleyez, you can easily spot the small Eggs of Life floating in the air. You can also see a 12-pointed star, called a star dodecahedron. This star can be created by connecting the 12 intersections points of the 12 outer circles necessary to create the Egg of Life. In 2D, this star can be depicted as a star dodecagram. Since the number 12 also symbolizes the illusion of time, you can see that the star dodecagram can be found by connecting the 12 hours on a clock.

“Sunburst” by Krystleyez

The Flower of Life

Once the Egg of Life continues to grow, the Flower of Life is created. The Flower of Life is composed of 19 identical circles and 36 partial circular arcs. The whole pattern is enclosed within 2 larger circles.

The first thing that comes to mind when we look at the Flower of Life from a higher perspective, is that it forms a grid. It allows us to understand how all creation (humans, plants, animals, etc.) is interconnected. This grid represents the Earth’s energy grid. But, it can also be extended to a larger scale to include the entire universe. The following painting by Krystleyez illustrates how the Earth grid is connected to the stars. It also depicts how the energies flow in spirals through the grid.

“Flow as One” by Krystleyez

Just as a flower, the Flower of Life is a symbol of fertility. It represents the fertile ground that produces and gives life. Therefore, it is no surprise that many other sacred geometry symbols can be derived from the Flower of Life, such as the Seed of Life, the Egg of Life, the Tree of Life, and the Fruit of Life.

If we look specifically at the Seed of Life (7 circles), which is hidden at the heart of the Flower of Life, we understand how Spirit is hidden within all creation. Also, by aligning the 7 chakras of the human body on the Flower of Life, we see that the heart chakra aligns perfectly in the center.

Another pattern that we notice within the Flower of Life, is the double-helix chain created by the interconnected circles. These chains mirror the image of our DNA. From this perspective, we can understand how the language of light and the blueprint is encoded and passed down the chain of creation. Ancestral information follows the same pattern and is passed down from generation to generation through the DNA.

This double-helix chain also mimics the flow of Kundalini energies that travel up and down the spine and passes through all chakras.

“Evolutionary Dance” by Krystleyez

Another pattern that is revealed by the Flower of Life is the Merkaba. The double-helix chains within the Flower of Life form triangles that combine and form Merkabas. The following painting by Krystleyez highlight this pattern. From this painting, we can also discover another secret hidden by the Flower of Life, the doubling sequence. Each petal of the Flower of Life acts as a lens, within each petal we can find 2 other smaller petals (fractals). The doubling sequence of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 … mimics the cellular division sequence of the human embryo and smaller cycles contained within a larger cycle.

“Prism Vision” by Krystleyez

The Flower of Life also symbolizes the eternal cycle of life on the physical plane which is composed of life, death, and rebirth. Just as in nature, flowers give birth to fruits which contain the seeds necessary to restart the cycle.

This brings me to address the meaning of the 2 larger circles surrounding the Flower of Life. Various sources mention that this barrier was put in place to hide and protect the information that lies beyond, i.e. the Fruit of Life. I disagree with this statement because I believe that these 2 circles have a much deeper meaning.

If we look at the Flower of Life, we notice that it has a sixfold symmetry which creates a hexagon. As I mentioned in my previous post on sacred geometry, the next shape (the heptagon) derived from the number 7 does not exist in the inanimate nature due to its association with Spirit. Therefore, we can see that the Flower of Life depicts the physical plane. The 2 larger circles are, in my opinion, symbols for 2 veils that separate the physical plane from the non-physical planes of reality, which cannot be perceived by our 3D eyes. These veils will be easier to understand when I will explain the meaning of the Tree of Life further down below.

Also, this way of “hiding” the greatest mysteries of ancient civilizations is not unusual. It might appear as if the information was hidden, but in fact, we have to understand that it is symbolic by itself. It was a way for ancient civilizations to encode the pattern of Spirit (the greatest mystery of all). Since Spirit is within and without, but invisible to the eye; therefore, it could not be illustrated nor written down. Only an initiate with the understanding of the pattern of Spirit can see beyond the veils and complete the pattern of Spirit. In other words, we have to read between the lines to extract the information that is implicitly there, but not visible.

There are many examples of patterns of Spirit that have been hidden by ancient Egyptians. One of the most obvious one (and the most misunderstood) is encoded in their hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are symbols; therefore, they have multiple layers of meaning, but a particularity that appears on the first layer is that it is an alphabet that does not include vowels. This seems like a peculiar way of writing, but when we know that in numerology vowels are used to calculate the soul number (i.e. from the domain of Spirit), we understand why vowels were not written down by ancient Egyptians. Another interesting fact about hieroglyphs, which will take all its significance when I will discuss the Tree of Life, is in the way the ancient Egyptians structured their sentences, the verb always came first (i.e. command/the word comes first).

Finally, I will discuss the numerical patterns that can be derived from the Flower of Life if we expand it beyond the barrier. You will notice that after the 7 circles of origin that form the Seed of Life in the center, each new layer contains 6 additional circles compared to the previous layer.

Using numerology, if we reduce the total number of circles on each layer to a single-digit number, we obtain a pattern that repeats (6, 3, 9 – the famous 369 of Nikola Tesla). The other pattern contained in the Flower of Life is found by calculating, at each layer, the cumulative number of circles (7, 1, 1). It is interesting to note that the words “one” equals 7 (15 + 14 + 5 = 34 / 7) and “seven” equals to 11 (19 + 5 + 22 + 5 + 14 = 65 / 11) which can be viewed as 1 & 1.

There is also a correspondence between the Flower of Life and English Gematria. Each value assigned to each letter under this system matches with the total number of circles on each layer of the Flower of Life.

The Fruit of Life

To obtain the Fruit of Life, we must complete the 2 layers of circles that extend beyond the veils surrounding the Flower of Life. The Fruit of Life is composed of 13 non intersecting spheres (1 circle in the center and 12 circles around it). The number 13 is the number of the eternal return when the cycle is complete and returns to 1.

The Fruit of Life symbolizes the outcome, the product of the Flower of Life. It is said to contain the blueprint of all that exists, the informational system of all aspects of reality. To understand the real value of the Fruit of Life, we have to connect the center of all the circles with straight lines. The result is Metatron’s Cube.

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s cube symbolizes the map of creation. It represents the merge between the male and female polarities to create the oneness of the All. The spheres embody the feminine principle while the straight lines embody the masculine principle. It is also interesting to note that all platonic solids (which I will discuss below) fit perfectly within a sphere. A sphere is; therefore, the mother of all shapes. The only other shape with that property is the cube; therefore, it is the father of all shapes. Metatron’s cube represents the union of these 2 parents.

The following painting by Krystleyez beautifully illustrates Metatron’s cube in the center surrounded by the female archetype with spirals and spheres on one side and the male archetype with straight lines and forms on the opposite side.

“Heart of the Mirror” by Krystleyez

Metatron’s Cube contains the 5 platonic solids associated with the 5 elements. Together they created the structure of our Universe.

  1. Tetrahedron (fire) – 4 faces & 4 points
  2. Octahedron (air) – 8 faces & 6 points
  3. Hexahedron (earth) – 6 faces & 8 points
  4. Icosahedron (water) – 20 faces & 12 points
  5. Dodecahedron (ether) – 12 faces & 20 points

It is interesting to note that the platonic solid associated with water, the icosahedron, reveals the natural time frequency of the 13:20 of Mayans’ matrix which is composed of 13 tones and 20 archetypes. The 13th point is hidden inside at the center/zero point.

Metatron’s Cube also reveals the 13 laws of our Universe :

  1. Law of potential
  2. Law of grace (inner Earth)
  3. Law of surrender (Earth star chakra)
  4. Law of action (root chakra)
  5. Law of rhythm (sacral chakra)
  6. Law of free will (solar plexus chakra)
  7. Law of vibration (throat chakra)
  8. Law of cause and effect (3rd eye chakra)
  9. Law of wisdom (crown chakra)
  10. Law of evolution (soul star chakra)
  11. Law of polarity (stellar gateway)
  12. Law of purpose (universal gateway)
  13. Law of L.O.V.E. (cosmic & Earth gateway)

The acronym of L.O.V.E. stands for Living One Vibrational Energy.

In sum, Metatron’s Cube contains all the information about galaxies, solars systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, sound, colors, atoms and subatomic structures. To learn more about the information contained in the Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube, I recommend watching this video from Spirit Science.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is another sacred geometry symbol that can be derived from the Flower of Life. This symbol is associated with the Hermetic Qabalah, but its origin can be traced back 5,000 years ago in Egypt.

The Tree of Life symbolizes the descent of the divine into the physical world and the structure of the different realms. It also represents an ascension map explaining how to attain divine union in life and the ultimate return back to Source. It shows the unity of all creation and depicts the human psyche.

Since there is a tremendous amount of information that can be derived from the Tree of Life (people usually study it for many years), I will not go into all the details in this post. I will summarize for you many aspects and meanings attached to this symbol to allow you to get the bigger picture.

The Tree of Life is composed of 22 paths and 10 (+ 1) archetypes/energetic centers called sephiroth (spheres/nodes). I added a plus 1 to the 10 visible nodes to represent the hidden one. I depicted it as a dotted circle in my drawing above. This 11th sphere is generally not illustrated, but implicitly there. From these numbers, we can derive all 3 master numbers from the Tree of Life.

22 paths + 11 spheres = 33

The 10 sephiroth are organized in 3 columns/pillars. The outer pillars are the pillars of Solomon’s Temple (Boaz and Jachin) and symbolize polarity (feminine and masculine principles). The central pillar represents the equilibrium. Note that there is a reversal of polarity that occurs below spheres 2 and 3 (female aspects are transferred to the right pillar vs the male aspects are transferred to the left pillar). Picture this inversion as the reversal effect in the human body, i.e. the right brain (feminine aspect) controls the left side of the body and the left brain (masculine aspect) controls the right side of the body.

Sephiroth are grouped into 3 different triads/trinities and 1 quaternary. Notice that the astral triad, which is composed of sephiroth 7, 8, and 9, is also part of the quaternary of form with sephirah 10 (the physical world), but separated by a veil.

The Tree of Life can be divided into 4 horizontal realms/planes separated by 3 veils. The lower veil, the veil of initiation, is the boundary that separates the physical world from the astral plane (non-visible), but as mentioned previously, these 2 planes are part of the quaternary of form. The central veil, the veil of illusion, represents the barrier that separates the physical dimensions from the non-physical dimensions. Finally, the veil of consciousness (or the abyss/void) is the wall that separates the lower dimensions from the divine. The use of the word abyss is a direct reference to the Ancient Egyptian mythology, if you are not familiar with this term nor with the concept of the Duat, which I will discuss later, please refer to my previous post on Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths.

Note that above the abyss there is no color, only pure light and darkness. The 7 rays of light become visible below this boundary.

Concerning the path to ascension, the veil of initiation is the first veil that the initiate breaks through at the beginning of his journey when he becomes aware of the existence of the non-physical world. The veil of illusion, is the wall the initiate passes through when he becomes aware of his true nature. And finally, the veil of consciousness is the barrier that the initiate crosses when he reaches his divine nature.

Each sephirah is associated with an attribute/aspect, through which the divine reveals itself and continuously creates both in the physical and non-physical realms. A planet and an angel are also associated with each sephirah.

There are 22 paths to enlightenment on the Tree of Life, each path is associated with a major arcana from the tarot. It is interesting to note that there is only one path that leads to the hidden sephirah, and this path is on the central pillar coming from sephirah #6 which represents the heart.

The last point I want to discuss about the Tree of Life is the hidden sphere. This circle represents the Duat per the ancient Egyptians and is associated with the concept of inner knowledge and inner truth. Regarding the universe, this mysterious point represents the Akashic records.

This sphere is not an energetic center as the other sephiroth, it is considered as a portal/doorway into the divine (or the access point to the throne/the pineal gland in the body). It symbolizes the union of all the other 10 sephiroth.

To better understand the true nature of this doorway, we need to align the Tree of Life on the human body and the 7 main chakras. Based on my research, many sources associate the hidden sphere to the throat chakra. In my opinion, this is incorrect because the throat chakra is visible and sephiroth 4 and 5 align with the shoulders at the base of the throat. There is no other main chakra after the throat before to get to the heart chakra that could be associated with sephiroth 4 and 5 and that would create polarity.

So what is this mysterious doorway? Based on my inner knowledge, this portal is “The Word” / the “Breath of Creation” / the “Inner Truth”. It aligns perfectly with the mouth and it is invisible because it can only be heard. This access point is also associated with the central brain and the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the access point in the body to the pineal gland (the throne/the third eye). The pituitary gland is often called the master gland because it controls several other hormone glands in the body, in other words, it is a command center.

Another way to support my inner truth is to look at ancient Egyptians burial customs. One of their important rituals was The Opening of the Mouth ceremony, in which they would symbolically open the eyes and the mouth of their deceased. The literal interpretation of this ceremony is that the deceased needed to eat, drink, talk, breathe, and see on their journey through the Duat, and that it helped release an aspect of the soul (the Ba) from the physical body.

It is a very literal interpretation of the ceremony and there is a much deeper meaning and symbolic nature attached to this ritual. In the solar barque of Ra, which transports the deceased through the Duat, 2 deities are maneuvering the oars (perception and command). This is a metaphor to illustrate that the inner eye is open to see through the veils and that the mouth is open to speak the inner truth. The food (bread) and drink (beer) that souls receive when they are allowed to enter the Duat are also simply metaphors and should not be read literally. They symbolize the alchemy of the soul, just as the wine and bread in Christianity.

The following painting by Krystleyez illustrates the 2 pillars of polarity from the Tree of Life and in the middle, we can see the arch/doorway and the staircase leading to the Duat / Heaven / the Garden of Eden. It is interesting to note that the butterfly depicted between the eyes of the Elephant is the exact shape formed by the ventricles in the brain (from the anterior view). The 2 lateral ventricles form the wings of the butterfly while the third ventricle forms the body where the pineal gland is located. The scarab beetle underneath seems to represent the pituitary gland which is composed of 2 lobes.

“Arc of Grace” by Krystleyez

If you want to learn more concepts about the Tree of Life, I recommend watching the following videos created by Spirit Science.

Resources and references

¹ Videos:


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  1. I am finding that I may have one of the most critical jobs of all to this transformation …. designing & building a grid network that will create the flow of clean energy resources for a new world. The resource pipelines are incorporated within a high speed rail system. it will stop climate change in its tracks and bring society together through is Microcity Hubs. Announcing soon. Had it half designed before I ‘awoke’ thru constant signs of 6, 9, 12 being sent my way. Its been crazy and my intuition level is off the charts. The Hypercube and hexagon patterning were already in my designs before I knew they existed in sacred geo. I’ve been researching ever since and your description of the overall uses is as comprehensive as I’ve found. Thank u.

    I’m also getting signs I should find my twin flame, but not sure I want that. What’s your take? I can see it is probably found by mapping my birth chart like the other maps and then assume her coordinates would be the exact opposite of mine. Is that correct? My attraction to symmetry and simplicity were always there but now in high gear. I can see our creator made everything that way because even the most complex of nature’s designs are quite simple once delved into. It blows my mind that even the top scientists and research labs can’t see it.

    I think I’m probably meant to engage with other lightworkers but see no centralized way of connecting. I’ll need an organically grown base of supporters and bloggers as the crowd will have majority ownership of the grid (thru fractional shareholdings). In hands of Government or Corp, we are screwed. The meek will inherit the earth. Yes, this is that big. So big enemies will out in full force once they see their establishments are threatened. As CEO, I’ll need all the protection I can get.

    Btw, I’m seeing the face and body of Horus in sophisticated mapping charts of Einstein’s formulas created by two different science labs. Its like the graphs are moving and alive. If everything in my life wasn’t so bizarre I wouldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m sure you have insight into that as well?


    1. Hi Rob,

      The awakening journey is quite an overwhelming experience to say the least. It is very important to stay grounded especially when your mind starts to read and see beyond what other people are conditioned to see. It is important because there are many psychic traps along the way and we are not trained mentally to face them. It is too easy to fall for an illusion or a mental trick and getting stuck there. Ultimately, the chess game is played on the mental plane.

      With regards to the twin flame journey, I find that most of the information out there is misleading. From my personal experience, I concluded that a twin flame is someone that mirrors you more or less perfectly at a specific point in time. It is someone with whom you have an instantaneous and deep soul connection, but contrary to the general (and romanticized) belief, it is not about a specific person. Anyone can serve that specific purpose and act as your mirror. It is only a question of timing and vibration.

      This is where most people fall into a trap/illusion, caught in the spell of the moment or memories. People have free will and people change and evolve constantly. A person that you meet and trigger a strong pull as a “twin flame” is quite a memorable experience, but when things start to fall apart many people conclude that they were not a “twin flame”, but a “karmic relationship.” These are just labels. What you should focus on is on learning from your past mistakes, working on becoming the best version of yourself, and use discernment in terms of relationships. By learning who you are and what you stand for (clearing away the old clutter/programming in your subconscious mind) you will see more clearly through people and grow from your past experiences preventing you to repeat karmic cycles.

      Best of luck with your project!


    2. Hi Rob, I have been guided here through my curiosity to find out about the creation of life itself and its higher meaning, and the ripple effect geo has on planet earth. I have just read your response above, and I’m intrigued by your project, especially in the world we all find ourselves in right now! I would love to know more.


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