The Journey Begins

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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a lightworker.

Since I was a child, I always thought that I was different. My way of thinking was very different from my family and people around me and I could not understand why. I was perceiving things differently and I had an inner knowing that I could not explain.

My ascension started when I was only 14-15 years old and I had my kundalini at 16 years old (in the year 2000). I did not have any information to understand what was happening to me at the time and I have been going through the cycles of ascension only partly awake, just knowing what I had to do (and without knowing where it would lead me nor seeing the full picture).

As an adult, I eventually got caught up in my 3D reality with a very stressful and demanding job, which left me with little time to pursue other personal interests. I always felt that I had forgotten something about who I really was, but I was unable to retrieve this information. I understand that this part of my life was necessary for my training and to learn lessons. That is one of the reason why I was not fully awake at the time.

Last Summer, a sense of urgency started to grow within me and by following breadcrumbs that my higher self put in front of me, I finally came across a video¹ on Youtube that helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The message from that video resonated very strongly with me and was in line with my inner truth. This video was the answer that I was looking for to guide me on my path. Since then, I have speeded up my ascension to get ready to work on my mission.

To help others on their awakening journey, I have decided to create this blog to share the information that I have gathered from my intuition, my experience, and other lightworkers. Please keep in mind that I will share this information based on my understanding and that additional details might be added over time as I progress on my journey.

Stephanie T.

Resources and references

¹ Here is the video I am referring to in my introduction, titled: The Pleiadian video that triggered my Kundalini Awakening



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  1. Well my friend
    I thank.thank you!,, you are awesome. I have recently opened my eyes to “all” and veraciously learning…gathering data. I’m not new to healing arts and many other modalities of service to others. At this point, and at my age, the future work is less clear. Hard to get a handle on ancestors since I.m not of this galaxy. I was born around the time of the AA’s but I’m a cousin you could say. (Glad I could watch that family drama without having to take action, memories of at least 4 planets here. Neptune and Triton is closest to my frequency. When not on earth I’m mer mostly there and sometimes Sirius. You had to be to navigate Sirius andNeptune/triton.
    I know there is a “golden box” behind my heat and it contains some pretty important info. I represent Mother god. She is who I serve. Almost feel like eyes and ears for her….as I move from galaxies…
    Anyway, I love your blog/site,,, I’m newly awakened. But so far all I’ve read is spot on. This sounds very pompous but what is manufactured and what isn’t seems to be very clear to me. I road the blue and silver ray in…once this job is done I go back…to the lady herself. ….more…but won’t bore you. Any thoughts are welcome,
    Alison McDaniel
    Ps. I’m one of my first meditations 3 months ago I asked” mom” what D. I was given 12th….at that time I didn’t even know how many D,s there were….but…it is still unclear if I even have an ancestor Heritage. I’m, as you say…,androgynous….but all female. Only recently did God/male speak to me…it was actually bark an order to me. I couldn’t even form a syllable before he barked it again with more irritation. Both times I could only reply yes sir…he has some serious rath!


    1. Hi Alison,
      No I have not written a book yet, but I have one in progress discussing the nature of time and explaining how to use the dreamspell calendar according to the Law of Time. I don’t know when it will be finished, but I will probably announce it on my blog.


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