Know Your Strengths


If you are struggling to find out what your life purpose/mission is or if you are merely seeking confirmation, a good place to start is by reflecting on your strengths. We all have unique abilities and we should not limit ourselves through comparisons. In this 3D reality, our brain has been programmed into a very limited mindset where we compare yourself constantly to others or the belief system created by society. Some of our greatest gifts might be hidden in plain sight or repressed just under the surface because these gifts were not valued.

It is, therefore, essential that you take a step back and reflect on your strengths from a more objective perspective. Sometimes, thinking about what you were naturally drawn to as a child (your interests) might bring valuable clues to discover what you excel at.

A few weeks ago, I came across a blog post discussing 12 different types of lightworkers. In my opinion, all lightworkers possess those abilities, but surely we are better at ones than others. We came in this lifetime with different missions and obviously, we each have a different part to play in the greater plan.

I had the idea of using this information to create a pendulum board and ask about which ones I was better at. If you want to try it for yourself, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and a pendulum.

On a piece of paper, you create a circle and you divide it into 12 roughly equal slices and write in each one a different type of lightworkers (or if you prefer, you can print out the pie diagram that I included in my post). In the middle of the pie, you create a smaller circle that cuts through all the slices of the bigger circle. Make sure that the smaller circle is big enough to allow your pendulum to spin freely before it settles on one of the slices.

If you have never used a pendulum, here is a quick video explaining how to use one:

When you are ready, you hold your pendulum over the smaller circle and you ask: “What is my greatest strength?”

Personally, I repeated this process more than once to find out my top three abilities. All you have to do, is to ask one more time the same question, but by changing it slightly as follow: “What is my second greatest strength?” In case you are curious, here is the top three that I got: (1) manifestor, (2) healer, and (3) unifier.

I provided you below a summary of each type of lightworkers. Keep in mind that these abilities can be expressed in various ways and they are not always what first comes to mind. For example, we might by default associate a healer to an energy healer, but in reality, it can take many forms. A painter, a musician, a baker, etc. They all can be healers through their craft, they do not need to be Reiki masters.

1.   Gridworkers and Gatekeepers

They work with the grids on Gaia by creating an invisible bond/connection between the hearts of all awakened humans. They act as doorways by connecting sacred sites through earth’s lay lines and act as portals for the light to come through their open hearts. Primarily, they work with spiritual doorways that are already opened.

Gatekeepers are a more advanced form of Gridworkers, they can open new doorways or reopen those that were closed due to stagnation. They work with a team to open interdimensional gates to bring in higher levels of light and love to flow in.

2.   Divine Lightkeepers

They are here to anchor higher vibrations into Gaia and the collective consciousness to uplift and support humanity through the awakening process. No matter the external events, they embody the light to inspire others and give hope.

3.   Transmuters

They neutralize negative energy by transmuting/rebalancing it into their light. They release, dissolve and heal negative karma from their ancestral lines and the collective consciousness of humanity.

4.   Seers

They are the ones who reveal the truth behind the shadows. Their third eye is open and they can see beyond the physical and the illusions. They can focus their energy on areas where it is much needed, either for healing, transmutation or release. With their psychic gifts, they can inspire and guide others to their truth or the truth of the world.

5.   Divine Blueprint Holders

The divine blueprint is the template to a fully awakened self that we all possess within ourself. Blueprint holders are especially good at tuning into it and retrieving the awakening codes. They are best at translating these codes so that everyone can understand them and use them to raise their consciousness. They use sacred geometry and other sacred forms of communication through their work.

6.   Dreamers

They serve by accessing alternate dimensions of experience through daydreaming, astral travel, and the dream state. They are here to retrieve ideas to inspire and uplift the human spirit. These ideas can be materialized in the art, inventions and new technologies.

7.   Messengers

They receive and share messages they channel from the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, and their Higher Self. They are here to explain to people what is happening and help others to better understand this evolution journey. They share their messages through various platforms: videos, blogging, teaching, or writing.

8.   Manifestors

They are here to manifest changes on earth, which could take different forms. For example, by manifesting higher timelines, positive events or creating the template for greater love, light and harmonious co-creation. They achieve this in multiple ways like meditation or visualization. They have to work actively on their inner selves through self-inspection to ensure that their ego does not drive their manifestations.

They are also the master builders that will assist in co-creating the foundations and structures of 5D new earth. They manifest from their heart center for the highest interest of all beings, Gaia, animals and all of humanity.

9.   Ascension Guides

They are ascending to higher levels of consciousness to share what they learned about the ascension process. Most of their teachings are aimed at spiritual masters to push even further the spiritual evolution of humanity.

They show us how to overcome some of the pitfalls of enlightenment to help others not to lose themselves on their way to ascension. Since they view the truth from a higher perspective, their teachings might contradict at times regular teachings of lightworkers.

10. Wayshowers

They live an awakened and inspired life and embody the ascension process. They are usually unaware that they serve humanity in some way. They are the heart of lightworkers. They are here to inspire and motivate other lightworkers to keep going because there is still good in this world that needs their light. They are a reminder of what truly matters.

11. Unifiers

They see the global picture of how everything is interconnected. They excel at finding patterns and merging various philosophies into one. They compile the information from various sources, i.e. other lightworkers, spiritual masters, the truths, and vulgarize it in a way that is easy for people to understand.

They are naturally good at finding ways to connect and unify people together. They perceive what is behind division and understand how the individual parts fit within the whole. They are here to unify different teams of lightworkers together so that their impact can be amplified.

12. Healers

They can use their gift to help everything: humanity, Gaia, animals, souls and all beings. They can heal all aspects, i.e. mental, physical, or spiritual. Most empaths can become healers by tapping into their emotional abilities to unlock their potential. But it is essential for healers to heal themselves first and raise their vibration before to help others. They must be mindful of their energy level and avoid being drained. They should listen to their internal guidance to find out in which ways or techniques to use their gifts.


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