Method to Read Ancient Texts

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Nowadays, we are used to everything being straightforward, footnoted and indexed. We were taught via the education system that everything follows a logical pattern, for example, that B comes after A and that everything is quantifiable. Our eyes are, therefore, not trained to decipher the meaning hidden within the complexities of ancient texts.

Ancient mysteries are hidden in those texts with the use of puns, allegories, symbols and multiple layers woven into a story. The purpose of the complexity of those texts is to serve as a veil and protect them from profane eyes. Without such an understanding, the reader will often end up very confused as he tries to make sense of a seemingly incomprehensible text.

The purpose is to baffle and lead into error everyone except those whom God loves and provides for.

from Kitab Al-Ahjar, The Book of Stones, by Jabir ibn Hayyan

Here follows a method that can be used to assist you in reading ancient texts:

  1. What is the most literal and superficial interpretation (first layer)?
  2. What is the allegoric and symbolic meaning hiding just beneath the first layer?
  3. What meaning can be drawn from a similar situation or presentation? (i.e. this is like…)
  4. What is the hidden esoteric meaning that is revealed through inspiration or intuition?

Hidden wisdom never changes through time. A true seeker will spot, carefully hidden, in ancient doctrine the same principles everywhere.


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