Sacred Geometry 201

"Heart of the Mirror" by Krystleyez In my previous post about Sacred Geometry & Numbers 101, I explained the meaning of basic shapes and numbers. Now, I will explore various patterns and symbols that form sacred geometry. In sacred geometry, everything starts with a circle seating at the center (at the void or the zero... Continue Reading →

Sacred Geometry & Numbers 101

artwork created by Krystle Mary Smith known as Krystleyez Sacred geometry is the visual language of the universe in which numbers, frequencies, colors, sounds, and forms are encoded in a set of patterns/symbols. It represents the blueprint/code from which all creation is derived from and it is a window into the unity of the physical world... Continue Reading →

Architecture of the Universe

Pythagoras and other mathematicians are convinced that mathematics are the building blocks of our universe. This universal mathematical language creates patterns and harmonious structures, at both, a very large and an infinitely small scale (i.e. macrocosms and microcosms). These patterns form what is called sacred geometry. Here is a list of some important mathematical concepts... Continue Reading →

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